Baby Boomers and Retirement

For Baby Boomer’s  (those of us born between 1946-1964) who have been in the workforce for decades now, a “been there, done that” attitude is easy to understand. After years of business travel, office politics, daily commutes, and punching a time clock, even those who love their careers are often ready for a change. With retirement from full time employment finally here or approaching, many hard working boomers are finding that they need to stay in the workforce longer or find another way to supplement their income. Planning for retirement has taken on a new twist for many.





Many Boomer’s are behind in setting aside for retirement. Many  who are in good shape financially, are feeling the need to still be productive. I think we all know someone who took retirement and within a year or two went back into the workforce for something to do with their time or to just feel like they are still contributing to the overall economy. Either way, Boomer’s are doers and retirement is a great opportunity for us to re evaluate our lives and plan for our “golden years”.

Have you ever considered your home computer as a vehicle to make money with a Home Based Business? In today’s world, there are some wonderful opportunities to do just that. Many of us chose to dive into the on-line world, reinventing retirement. There are many options available and it allows us to work from home, set our own schedule and take time off when we want. After years or even decades of the traditional 9 -5, there are adjustments to make for those who are new to the on-line business world that one should take into consideration, but the advantages and opportunities that come with it can help ease that transition. Knowledge is power and the Internet provides us with an abundance of it once we learn how to sift through all of the rubbish.







There are legitimate places on-line to earn an income. Sorting through them can be very time consuming and frustrating. I have tried many of the “shiny objects” available, only to be very disappointed in the time and money that I lost. Here I will only list the ones that I found to be worthwhile.


WealthyAffiliate.  Knowledge first! Wealthy Affiliate is an on-line learning course where you can learn (at your own pace) how to build a website and get traffic (people) to it in order to generate sales. It is a great choice to learn from and build an ongoing business with the proper foundation. You can read my short review on it here. Wealthy Affiliate Review. You can even sign up free (no credit card required) and have a week  to access everything there. After that you can join or stay free although the free option does not give access to the help from the community and all the training. One step at a time we learn how to navigate the on-line world and build our own website or blog. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 11 years (at the time of this writing) and If you look at what they have built up, it’s obvious that they are here to stay. They are my number 1 choice for learning how to navigate the on line business world.




On-line shops/ stores-  You have maybe been on sites like Etsy and Ebay.

At Etsy, you open your shop and list your hand made items to sell. It is very easy to set up a shop and the per item listing fee is 20 cents to be listed for 4 months or until the item(s) sell. Just add your pictures and a description of your item, the shipping charge, and list it!  It is an easy platform to navigate. There are no monthly fees but they do charge 3.5% transaction fee and 3.5% + .025 payment processing fee on each item sold. They deposit automatically so you have to give them a bank account number.  If you have handmade items to sell, this is a good place to start. Here is a link to my etsy shop so you can see how even a simple one works.

Ebay is a site where you can sell almost anything, new or used. Open your shop and list up to 50 items with no monthly fee. When an item sells, they charge a 10% final value fee. A pay pal account is necessary since that is where ebay deposits your money. (You then have to go to pay pal and have it transferred to your bank) They also offer what is called ebay valet where you send an item to them to sell and for an additional charge, they take the pictures and list the item for you. I haven’t used the valet service so I don’t know what those charges are.

Some of the on-line shops require a credit card number, that is how they charge for their fees, it is not withheld from your sales. Shipping labels are created and printed out on each site which saves time and also offers a lower shipping fee. Both of these sites are a good place to sell items  and there are more, these are the only two that I have experience with. You will need to upload pictures to these sites, I have just been using my cell phone to take them and that works fine.

Fiverr  Here is a website where you can offer “gigs” ( a service) and get paid for them. The name fiverr because gigs start at $5.00 and go up from there. There are a lot of categories to choose from. It is free to join and you make 80% of each sale. You receive payment once the order is complete. I have not offered any “gigs” on fiverr but have a few friends who do and are very happy with the results from their writing gigs. Here is what one of them has to say:


Below is a testimonial from Gomohr who works from home on his laptop. Gomohr does “gigs” over at fiverr.

Learning and Earning at Any Age (Testimonial)

If you are a baby boomer like I am you are already retired or looking to retire. If you are already enjoying the benefits of 40 to 50 years of employment but are bored to death you may consider trying something on your own.

The problem is knowing what web sites are legitimate and which ones are not. I found the Learn to Earn ( website full of valuable information and most of it right on. How do I know? Because for one thing all the programs mentioned in their recent article Baby Boomers and Retirement I have either tried or am currently participating in most of the programs mentioned in the article. The difference is I had to scout around and find whether they were legitimate or not on my own.

Retired entrepreneurs do not have time to be led astray or scammed (like I was for about a year) and there are fun, legitimate ways to make money part or full time if you are willing to put in a little time and effort.

Take a look at the site, subscribe to their newsletter with confidence as a starting point to leading you in the right direction. And finally, if what you find out about the site is true, write your own testimonial encouraging others to join you by starting their own entrepreneurial adventure on their own. You may not get rich but you will have a hell of a lot of fun!



So there are a few ideas on how many of us are working from home and enjoying the freedom that it offers.

Opening up to a new adventure- a new retirement








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