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A Wealthy Affiliate Review

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

I believe it is the best online marketing course for beginners. There is a huge amount of information there and it is easy to become overwhelmed initially, but if you follow the courses and take one step at a time-everything does come together.

It is a training program and an online community where we learn the proper way to build an online business that will last. It is not a get rich quick scheme!

Who could benefit from this program?

Anyone who is serious about gaining an education in online marketing and creating their own business in the process. From total Newbie to Seasoned Marketers, this course offers something for everyone! It is the go to place for “How to learn Affiliate Marketing”

For those new to marketing, this training course takes you through step-by-step, at your own pace and includes:

  • A live chat room
  • Training modules that include videos
  • A very active, knowledgeable,  and helpful community
  • Live help 24/7 and 365 days a year (I do not know of another program that offers this, very helpful)
  • Free to get started-no credit card required

For Seasoned Marketers:

  • Network with others who are knowledgeable at your level
  • Help others who are still newbies
  • Create training and videos  (and get paid for them)

If you choose to become a premium member, here is what you get for free, great bonus!

  • A great keyword tool
  • Unlimited e-mail and forwards
  • web hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • A website builder
  • Live video classes
  • Live chat
  • 24/7 website support
  • Help from  knowledgeable members
  • Easy to follow step by step training

If you add up what those items would cost you to purchase them separately it easily would add up to much more than the annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

How it works:

  1. Choose an interest (a niche) this could be your current hobby or anything you are interested in.
  2. Build a website or blog around that niche
  3. Attract people to that blog or website
  4. Earn an income from the products that you offer on that site (These can be products that are made by someone else, that is affiliate marketing)

Here is a video of how to create a website


This Program teaches everything you need to start and grow your online business without all the up sells! Only one other item is offered at an additional cost but it is not necessary unless you just like the program. It is a keyword tool called Jaaxy, but there is another keyword tool that is available free that works just fine.

Below is a chart comparing what you get with the starter (free) or premium memberships.

wealthy-affiliate-membership-grid (2)


This course has become a wonderful asset to me. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to gain knowledge in the online world.

If you would like to see what this community can do for you, click the link below and sign up for free. Live help is available to free members for 1 week and it is a great way to experience what they have to offer and decide if it is for you.


Click the link below to learn more. You can sign in free, no credit card required.

Where can I learn Affiliate Marketing?

Sign in for free

I will connect with you inside the members area.


Big news and what went down in Vegas from Kyle:

Recommended Products-Best online Marketing courses

The products listed below are ones that we have used or are currently using and very happy to recommend. Please do your own research and decide which one will benefit you most.

Roy Carter’s IM Income Builders Club

Roy Carter’s ‘IM Income Builders Club may be the right course for you if you have tried many other programs and methods in an attempt to make an income online, but so far, nothing has worked out.

‘IM Income Builders Club!’ is owned and run by acknowledged internet marketing speaker, coach and mentor, Roy Carter. Roy has spoken for the ‘World Internet Summit’ more than a dozen times! and he is known for genuinely helping people to finally see success online. So much so, that the World Internet Summit guys, christened Roy, ‘The Easy Cash Projects Guy!

A total step-by-step, ‘first do this’, ‘next do that’ style.

Roy says that membership is a journey, not a race and helps people to finally understand and become familiar with the various exciting ways there are to earn a ‘Plan B’ type income online these days.

Roy has a number of great quality products and he over delivers on every one of them. If you want a done for you business, how about your own e-book?

Magic Button e-books

Here is what Roy offers :

Here’s what you get…

  • Your OWN totally unique ebook written for you by a professional writer!
  • Fantastic copy for your website sales page written by a professional copywriter!
  • Professionally created website
  • Professionally created ebook cover graphics.
  • Your entire website built for you and ready to sell and deliver your new ebook! – Complete with, sales page, download page (where your customer can download your ebook), disclaimer/terms of service page, Affiliate page (so that you can have other people selling your ebook for you in return for a commission). You get the lot!!!
  • We’ll make sure your ebook is approved and accepted by Clickbank or JVzoo.
  • We’ll load your ebook up into your Clickbank account and get everything set up and working correctly for you.
  • We’ll even host your website completely free for the first year as well!

How to Start an online business- Black Friday Savings

Are you looking for a complete training course where you can learn how to create an income on line? Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need and without all the up sells. One annual payment gives you access to all the training, step by step so you can work at your own pace. You also get locked into that price each year that you stay if you pay annually.

Black Friday Offer 2019

Start Now  

This offer ends on Monday December 2nd.
The Black Friday Price is $299 per year! And you stay locked in at that price every year as long as you remain a member.

Regular pricing is listed below if you would purchase any other time of the year.

The longer the membership term you purchase at once, the greater the discount.

Monthly – $49 per month

6 Month – $234 (which works out to $39 per month)

and Yearly is $359 (which works out to be $29.92 per month)

Here are a few things that are included in your membership:

Live chat 24/7

 Hosting for up to 50 websites

 SSI Certificate

 Unlimited e-mail

 Live Weekly training

Support from experts and a very helpful community

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I started on when I began my online journey. The step by step training was very helpful and I worked at my own pace. Questions are answered quickly since there is a live chat available, or one can type their question into the search box and retrieve a number of responses from other knowledgeable members-or we can ask our questions as a post and also receive a response, almost instantly so you do not have to wait for days for support to answer you. This feature alone saved me much frustration!

You can sign up for free and test drive it for 1 week (no credit card required) but please note that the Black Friday deal ends on Monday, December 2nd and is a nice savings should you decide that this is the course you want to take.

The 7 day Free Starter Membership offers:

Access to level 1 Certification Course
Access to Level 1 Affiliate Bootcamp
7 Days of Community Access
Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder
Two Free Websites

Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

Wishing you much success in your business venture,


Jaaxy keyword tool suggestion



Successful online marketers know the importance of a Good Quality Keyword Tool. Without the proper keywords we don’t rank well in search engines and thus do not get traffic to our site. Here is my review on the Jaaxy keyword tool:

Finding the right Keywords is essential in order to turn your passion into your business and make it thrive.

Jaaxy offers:


  1. Easy to use

    One search accomplishes many tasks!

  2. No software to install

  3. Fast and accurate search results

    How much competition does the keyword have?

    How much traffic does the keyword get?

    Does the keyword make sense?

    Domain availability.


Try it for yourself. You get 30 free searches, no credit card required!



Choose the plan that best fits your budget and business needs.


The Research Platform Chosen by the most Successful Entrepreneurs In the World

Keyword Searches
Keyword Competition
Instant Competition (QSR)
Alphabet Soup Search
Domain Availability
Multi-Tabbed Search
SEO Analysis
Site Rank Analysis
Search History
Website Analyzer
Affiliate Program Finder
Keyword List Manager
Data Sorting
Brainstorm Idea Feed
Affiliate Program
Best For


Free Trial

5 Results
Getting Started


$49 per month

15 Results
2 tabs
New Websites


$99 per month

50 Results
5 tabs
(5x Speed)
Power Users


Newbies and seasoned marketers both can benefit from using Jaaxy and we all know that using the proper tool for the job can be a big time saver.



Quality Keywords?

What are keywords?

Keywords are those words we type into a search box in any of the search engines (google, etc) when we are looking for something specific. Using the proper keyword(s) on your website or blog will get more traffic to your site. Ideally we want to rank on the first page of google for that keyword.

  • Short tail keywords…are one to three words
  • Long tail keywords…are four or more words Example: How to find keywords easily.

Any word(s) that get a good amount of searches (search volume) monthly, are keywords. Search volume is the number of searches that have taken place for those words within the past month.

A good keyword tool is a must for serious marketers.


Making Money Online Isn’t Magic


There is no magic to it!  However, it does require certain skills which any of us can learn. (Believe me, if I can learn this……anyone can)

What are you interested in? Gardening, hunting, traveling, sports, whatever your passion is you can use it to create an online income.

You will learn how to create a website and how to drive traffic (people) to it. This is not hard to do and all of the tools are available to make it happen.

  • learn from experienced marketers
  • Easy to follow courses and videos
  • You are never alone in the Wealthy Affiliate community
  • No Scams
  • Free to get started –you can even stay for free if you would like but I recommend the premium membership for the extra benefits that it offers.

Here is a comparison chart of the Starter and Premium memberships:


The Psychology Of Learning

Psychology tells us that we learn from our experiences:

  • Learning from observation- Do you remember someone showing you how to write your name, ride a bicycle, or perform tasks on a new job? They showed you how and you duplicated it until you learned it. That is learning from observation.
  • Learning from association– If you throw a brick at a window, what do you expect to happen? The window breaks of course. That is learning from association.
    • There are associations between behavior and consequences. We all learn at an early age that if we do throw a brick through a window, the consequences or result of that action could result in punishment of some sort. A negative punishment should teach us to not repeat that action.
    • What about a positive behavior? It is no different than what we teach our children. If we give them chores to do and they do them, they may get an allowance or earn a toy that they want, a reward. Rewarding positive actions or behavior encourages more of the same. As adults, we really operate the same.


  • FAQS: What about factors that can affect our ability to learn?
  • How about sleep deprivation? We all know how it feels when we did not get a good nights rest. Feeling tired, irritable, anxious, and even depressed after a night of little or no sleep is well known to many. Not enough sleep makes it very hard to focus and be productive. So sleep ( or lack of)  definitely affects our learning process.


Make Real Money Online

You Can Make Real Money Online!

The biggest challenge in creating an online income is sorting through all of the scams out there.  It is very hard to determine which course to buy into and we all need guidance to make the journey smoother.  I hope to help you save yourself the numerous hours of research and wasted money that I experienced before finding real help.

It does not happen overnight, an it does require your time and commitment.

  • Build a website
  • Get traffic to that site
  • Earn income

Does that sound easy to you? Well, it actually is. Just understand that each step will take some time, but one step at a time, it does happen.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to take on the adventure! I am doing it, you can do it too! Click on the light below and take the journey with myself and many others who are learning how to  Make Real Money Online


Earnings disclaimer:

This is not a get rich quick scheme, I am not making any claims as to the amount of income you may earn. Success is based on many factors including (but not limited to)  your educational background, prior experience, the amount of time you can and will devote to the  endeavor. There is no guarantee.

Building a website is very easy to do today so there is no need to pay someone else to make it for you, money saved! Your website is one of your biggest assets in the on line world.

Getting traffic to your website is most important, this is where your sales come from. So you will learn how to do this while still building out your website.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some links within this website are affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. Purchasing through one of these links does not increase the price to you.