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The products listed below are ones that we have used or are currently using and very happy to recommend. Please do your own research and decide which one will benefit you most.

Roy Carter’s IM Income Builders Club

Roy Carter’s ‘IM Income Builders Club may be the right course for you if you have tried many other programs and methods in an attempt to make an income online, but so far, nothing has worked out.

‘IM Income Builders Club!’ is owned and run by acknowledged internet marketing speaker, coach and mentor, Roy Carter. Roy has spoken for the ‘World Internet Summit’ more than a dozen times! and he is known for genuinely helping people to finally see success online. So much so, that the World Internet Summit guys, christened Roy, ‘The Easy Cash Projects Guy!

A total step-by-step, ‘first do this’, ‘next do that’ style.

Roy says that membership is a journey, not a race and helps people to finally understand and become familiar with the various exciting ways there are to earn a ‘Plan B’ type income online these days.

Click here to find out more and watch his video.

Roy has a number of great quality products and he over delivers on every one of them. If you want a done for you business, how about your own e-book?

Magic Button e-books

Here is what Roy offers :

Here’s what you get…

  • Your OWN totally unique e book written for you by a professional writer!
  • Fantastic copy for your website sales page written by a professional copywriter!
  • Professionally created website
  • Professionally created e book cover graphics.
  • Your entire website built for you and ready to sell and deliver your new e book! – Complete with, sales page, download page (where your customer can download your ebook), disclaimer/terms of service page, Affiliate page (so that you can have other people selling your e book for you in return for a commission). You get the lot!!!
  • We’ll make sure your e book is approved and accepted by Clickbank or JVzoo.
  • We’ll load your e book up into your Clickbank account and get everything set up and working correctly for you.
  • We’ll even host your website completely free for the first year as well!

Click here for more info about having your own e book created for you